Photo by Erin Cuff

Photo by Erin Cuff

Private Sessions  

Private yoga sessions are a true testament of self-care. By tailoring each class to your individual needs, you can come as you are and receive what you need.  Learn and practice postures, breathing, meditation,  and relaxation at your own pace and within your own range.

 One-on-one and small group sessions with Mackenzie can be held in the comfort of your own home, in the serenity of nature, or in a studio setting. Small group sessions also available for you and your friends to practice together! Contact Mackenzie directly for rates & availability


"The simplest way to put it is Mackenzie's yoga sessions feel like home... 

...I've been a student of her private and studio classes for a few years now, and to be honest I haven't gone to another teacher in over a year, because she's raised the bar so significantly. She has this natural way of fusing the physical practice with language that helps break down mental and emotional walls, making the session a full-circle experience. I consider Mackenzie's classes therapy, because that's exactly what they are- for my body, mind and soul. Her group classes also carry this refreshing, light vibe, where laughter and yoga jokes remind me yoga doesn't have to be so serious. I also love how no matter how regularly I see her I always end up learning a new variation of a pose, or a new way to approach it. I'd highly recommend Mackenzie as a private or group yoga instructor to those looking for a holistic, consistently stellar experience." -Kimberly G.


"Private lessons have been great with Mackenzie.  I've had a few surgeries that required a tailored practice.  Mackenzie was helpful in adjusting to limitations and then developed a program that allowed for the strengthening of those areas.  I've been very happy with my weekly lessons and have continued consistently with Mackenzie for two years now."  -Scott M.


"I am so lucky to work with Mackenzie.  She is skilled, compassionate, intuitive, and has a positive energy that brings a joyful feeling to yoga practice.  We do group class as well as private instruction and both are wonderful.  I am very, very grateful to Mackenzie for the positivity and health improvements she has brought to my life.  I can tell how much she cares about her students and can see the impact she makes on everyone she helps.  She is generous with her time and with her emotions.  I am also impressed by the continued learning she does in all aspects of yoga.  She attends many advanced seminars and brings that knowledge back home to her students.  Thank you Mackenzie!" -Mary K.

"I adore Mackenzie!  She is truly an inspiring and supportive yoga teacher, and I look forward to practicing with her each and every week.   She teaches in a calm and attentive manner, keeping a meditative feel during the practice.  Mackenzie has an endearing way of opening herself up to us, making class feel very safe and judgment-free.  Her teachings provide a break from the stresses of life, and help to center the mind, body and soul.  Mackenzie is a thoughtful instructor, who takes time to suggest variations for many poses.  She provides gentle guidance for new students, as well as options to challenge the more advanced students.  I enjoy the spiritual perspective that she shares with us during class, and I find myself bringing the inner peace from her teachings out into the everyday world.  Not only is Mackenzie a wonderful teacher, but she is an extremely kind person with a wonderful heart."   -Maria H.