Erin Cuff Photography

Erin Cuff Photography

WORKPLACE YOGA & MEDITATION  is a way to invest in the health and well-being of your employees.  It increases the capacity for focus, enhances company culture, and most importantly lets your team know you care.  Mackenzie has taught yoga and meditation classes at a variety of Bay Area companies including: Solar City, Heroku (Salesforce), Airbnb, Dome Construction, AKQA, Care2, REBBL, Hudson Properties, and more. Mackenzie is also available for one-time employee wellness workshops and events.

Out of 27 surveyed employees at Solar City headquarters in San Mateo, 98% report feeling more relaxed and calm after practicing meditation at work, and report that weekly meditation positively contributes to the culture of the company. 93% of surveyed employees feel less stress, and feel more capable to manage work-related stress. When asked how likely they are to recommend this offering to a colleague, the calculated NPS score was 89.

Check out these articles in The Atlantic and The Financial Times about the benefits and rise of corporate mindfulness offerings.

To inquire about availability, rates, and ongoing classes please contact Mackenzie directly.

The sessions leave me refreshed and recharged to tackle the rest of my workday. it’s a huge add to the culture of Solar City and Mackenzie is a wonderful instructor.”
Mid-day meditation helps me focus at work.
These sessions are very relaxing and increases my productivity. Truly recommended.